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NEW Baby/Adult Bunny Bundle


If you are new to my shop and just got your new bunny and are unsure which products to choose, try this amazing bundle of the essential goodies for your new arrival!


  • Our own & unique Bunny or Adult Blend (delicious, natural forage blend; 150grams)
  • 100g Vegetable Mix (perfect to sprinkle on top of hay, pellets or give on its own)
  • Natural treats: 150g Barley Rings (for baby bunny) or 150g Pea flakes (for adult bunny)
  • Natural and safe toys: 2x seagrass balls
  • 5x Bonding Sticks (great and tasty tool to create a bond between an owner & bunny. Just hold one stick in your hand and the tasty, natural smell is going to attract your bunny to come closer to you. This is going to create a positive experience for your pet and therefore create a bond between you)


*WORTH £18.17 if you purchase these items individually

New Bunny Bundle

VAT Included
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